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“SnookerCoach helps Polish National Snooker Team to improve every aspect of their snooker skills.”

Marek Zubrzycki, Polish National Team coach

“SnookerCoach is a must–to–have training app if you want to become a better snooker player.”

PJ Nolan,

How it works

SnookerCoach app will help you focus on a regular snooker training.
It’s an innovative approach based on entering your training results in the app.

It will let you observe your training progress, along with your performance in different times of the day, pre–tournament stress etc.

The app will let you know your weak and strong points, compare to other players and other aspects used in professional training.

The most important thing is to practice the exercises regularly.

Always enter the exact time of your training. You don’t have to practice all 10 attemps of each exercise — try to do at least 5 attempts. It should take you approx. 30–45 min per exercise.

You don’t need to have a computer or a smartphone with you during the training.
Just print the exercises and enter your results when you’re back at home.

We are still improving the app, so feel free to tell us what you think about it on our Facebook fanpage: SnookerCoach Zubrzycki.

“The last thing to remember is that it’s just a tool that will help you become a better snooker player. You must work hard on improving your technique, contact a snooker coach, work with a sport psychologist, nutritionist and practice other sports to improve your body.”

Marek Zubrzycki, Polish National Team coach

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